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23 October, 2022


Three Tips to Prevent Clothes Shrinking

Have you ever encountered a situation where you took out your favorite shirt from the dryer and noticed shrinkage in its size? Unfortunately, you are not the only individual who is facing this situation.

If you don’t want to experience a similar problem in the future, reputed dry cleaning professionals have recommended some tips that would prevent the shrinking of clothes.

Common Causes of Shrinking

Agitation and high-temperature Washing and drying often lead to shrinkage. When washed vigorously, fabrics like cotton, Linen, and wool lead to fiber tightening and ultimately shrink your clothes. Hot water washing cycles and setting the dryers on high heat lead to fiber deterioration accompanied by shrinkage.

Effective Ways to Prevent Shrinkage of Clothes

Implement the techniques mentioned below to prevent the shrinkage of clothes:

  • Check Fabric Care Label before Purchase & Before Washing Make sure that the laundry instructions mentioned on the fabric are carefully read. Check the care tag not only before washing the clothes but also before buying new clothes so that you know what to expect. Look at the fabric type mentioned on the care tag to get an idea of whether the clothes are prone to shrinkage or the garments are “pre-shrunk.” Specific garments come with instructions like “dry-cleaning” only, so a washer must be prohibited at all costs. Pay attention to the water temperature, laundry cycle, and drying instructions. According to Laundromat experts, follow the general rule of washing the clothes in cold and gentle cycles and dry them on low heat to prevent shrinkage.
  • Use Cold Water and Follow Proper Wash Cycles One of the most pragmatic ways to prevent shrinkage is to keep it cool. Clothes are prone to shrinkage only when washed in hot water or high-dryer settings. Soaking them in cold water will keep the size of the clothes intact in the long run. Avoid heavy-duty cycles, speedier spins along with high-heat drying to prevent shrinkage. Instead, wash clothes gently and keep delicate clothes in a mesh laundry bag to protect them in the long run. Also, Ensure that the clothes are dried at low heat or air dry. If you feel stuck anywhere, follow the instructions mentioned on the care tag.
  • Set Tumble Dry or Air Dry Settings Drying clothes in a tumble-dry or an air-dry mode will prevent shrinkage by reducing fabric fiber wear. You can get an idea of the optimal temperature and dry cleaning adjustments listed on the care tag.

General Tips

  • Avoid Using Excess Detergent Please ensure that an appropriate amount of detergent, solid or liquid, is added before putting it in the washer. The amount of detergent to be used varies per type and the number of clothes you plan to wash. For example, you need to add more detergent while washing heavier loads.
  • Sort Your Clothes as Per Colors Certain dyes are highly resistant, while others are not. Clothes made of delicate fabrics must be cleaned via hands using cold water to prevent fading or hand cleaning. To stop dye bleeding, segregate light-colored clothes from dark-colored clothes. The Bottom Line Incorporate the tips mentioned above while performing laundry to prevent shrinkage. Also, give your clothes the care they deserve by giving them to reputed dry cleaning experts at CNP Laundry, who will take extra steps to help them stay intact in the long run.
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23 October, 2022


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23 September, 2022


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Was glad to see a new laundromat in my neighborhood and had a good experience using it today. Helpful attendant. Place is huge. There are 16 of the $2.50/$3.00 machines (I think I figured out that “whites” setting costs $3 for hot water, but not sure exactly). They take coins only (ATM + coin changer on site). There are 7 larger that are $4 and take card or coin. There are a few huge machines that are $6 and take card or coin. 30 dryers are 7 mins/.25 and I was surprised how few quarters I needed compared to a place I’ve been going to.
I would repeat the name of it if it was memorable. CNP or something. I’m sure it means something to the owner but meaningless to the rest of us. Anyway, good experience! Oh yes, clean. Let’s hope it stays that way!

New York, USA

This place is the cleanest I have ever seen. Misty works so hard to make sure the experience here is a great one. This place is my go to for laundry now…Cheers!

Jared Davis
Denver, CO

This laundromat has open recently and is big, clean and bright. Nice place to hang out while doing laundry. They also have drop off services.

Angeles Santoyo
Denver, CO

Thank you CNP Laundry for providing such a wonderful laundry spot that is cost effective, time efficient, and spacious. I am proud to have discovered this recently opened laundry spot nearby Whittier Park, City Park, and RiNO. Did I mention the amazing parking that comes with this place? For 2 hours and 10.00 you can complete all your laundry needs. I’m pretty sure they can host over 30+ people in that laundry spot without congestion 👀👍🏽 Amazing CustomerService.

Adela Ibric
Denver, CO

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