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Q1. What size machines do you have? How many?

We have 21 washers in the following sizes 20 lb 30 lb and 60 lb and 24 stacked dryers 30 lb

Q2. What makes you Eco friendly?

Our free soaps are phosphate and hydrocarbon free. They are green ECO-Friendly products and are especially formulated for washing machines. Detergents are low sudsing but high cleaning products. Too many suds and/or too much water act as cushions when your clothes drop in the drum, so the dirt is not dislodged. Our water and suds levels are kept low to give maximum pounding and maximum washing power. Our electrical energy use for both drying and washing is as low as is possible to achieve with current technology. Our water is heated on demand by instant hot boilers no tanks and no wasted water.

Q3. What do you mean by High Efficiency?

Low water and energy use with maximum washing and drying power How do you monitor water, and power usage?
We track water and power usage daily to make sure that all processes are working as they should.

Q4. I am very sensitive to detergents, what can I do?

Our Eco-Friendly detergents are odor free and non-allergenic. They leave your clothes soft and odor free

Q5. Can I use my own detergent?

YES, you can use your own detergent.

Q6. What is regular Dry Cleaning?

Conventional dry cleaning uses PERC to get clothes clean. PERC is a dangerous chemical, a hydrocarbon like gasoline or diesel fuel, that must be completely removed from you clothing after cleaning. Fumes are extremely dangerous and must not leak into the air we breath. Perc fumes can kill you.

Q7. What is GREEN Dry Cleaning?

Green dry cleaning gets your clothes clean without using PERC. There are several kinds of green dry cleaning available. CO2, Wet, and Silicone are the most popular. We believe that silicone , which is made from sand, is the most green of the 3 processes.

Q8. How can I get started using the laundry?

There is a laundry card (no coins needed) so you have a few choices. The card is $2.00. Add $20 cash or more in value to the card and get an extra 10% $2 credit.

Q9. Is there a reward if I bring in a new customer?

YES. You get a free 15lb wash. Your friend gets a free 10lb wash

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Was glad to see a new laundromat in my neighborhood and had a good experience using it today. Helpful attendant. Place is huge. There are 16 of the $2.50/$3.00 machines (I think I figured out that “whites” setting costs $3 for hot water, but not sure exactly). They take coins only (ATM + coin changer on site). There are 7 larger that are $4 and take card or coin. There are a few huge machines that are $6 and take card or coin. 30 dryers are 7 mins/.25 and I was surprised how few quarters I needed compared to a place I’ve been going to.
I would repeat the name of it if it was memorable. CNP or something. I’m sure it means something to the owner but meaningless to the rest of us. Anyway, good experience! Oh yes, clean. Let’s hope it stays that way!

New York, USA

This place is the cleanest I have ever seen. Misty works so hard to make sure the experience here is a great one. This place is my go to for laundry now…Cheers!

Jared Davis
Denver, CO

This laundromat has open recently and is big, clean and bright. Nice place to hang out while doing laundry. They also have drop off services.

Angeles Santoyo
Denver, CO

Thank you CNP Laundry for providing such a wonderful laundry spot that is cost effective, time efficient, and spacious. I am proud to have discovered this recently opened laundry spot nearby Whittier Park, City Park, and RiNO. Did I mention the amazing parking that comes with this place? For 2 hours and 10.00 you can complete all your laundry needs. I’m pretty sure they can host over 30+ people in that laundry spot without congestion 👀👍🏽 Amazing CustomerService.

Adela Ibric
Denver, CO

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Our Washers and Dryers are Green Energy
Certified and use less water.