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When you use our Wash-N-Fold or Pick-up & Delivery Services, you can rest assured your clothes will be washed using laundry detergent and products from trusted brands. We proudly use Tide or Gain detergent, Downey April Fresh fabric softener, Bounce Outdoor Scent dryer sheets, and Clorox bleach. We also offer Seventh Generation products as an eco-friendly alternative.

Tide Original
Scent Detergent

We prefer to use Tide detergent as a result of its being the most powerful stain-fighting detergent available in the marketplace. It utilizes the very best cleaning ability feasible to get rid of hard stains and bad smells. Using Tide to preserve your garments clean and odor-free is your ideal decision.


Like Tide Original Scent, we also provide Gain laundry detergent for you to select from!

Like Tide, Gain possesses the abilities to fight stains and odors and preserve your laundry clean, comfortable, and smelling nice.

Downy Fresh
Fabric Softener

Downey fabric softener infuses your clothes with luxurious softness, long-lasting freshness, and wrinkle-resistant smoothness. It helps retain your clothes’ odor, feel soft, and last longer when compared to using detergent alone. Adding Downey fabric softener after washing your clothes helps preserve their softness and comfort.

Aside from Downey April Fresh fabric softener, fabric conditioner provides a motion-activated freshness crispness to keep your clothes feeling soft and smooth for up to seven days.

Bounce Outdoor
Scent Dryer Sheets

Bounce dryer sheets are used to reduce static build-up and make your clothes feel soft. During the drying process, fabric care agents are released from the Bounce sheet as a result of heat and tumbling.

Softening agents are then transferred to the surface of your clothing. These softening ingredients condition fabrics and produce a lubricating effect that prevents friction and static.


When laundering white clothing, we use Clorox bleach to help keep clothes looking whiter and brighter. Clorox bleach is packed with dirt-fighting power that loosens and breaks down stains in a way detergent alone cannot. It also has the added benefit of sanitizing fabrics.

It disinfects and kills over 99% of germs and bacteria, leaving your clothes cleaner than ever. Because bleach is unsafe to use on some color fabrics, we use this product on white clothes only.

Seventh Generation
Detergent, Fabric
Softener, & Dryer Sheets

In addition to the products listed above, Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent, Natural Liquid Fabric Softener, and Natural Fabric Softener Sheets are also available.

At Clean Choice Laundry, we are passionate about protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we offer Seventh Generation natural laundry products as an eco-friendly option for our customers!

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Was glad to see a new laundromat in my neighborhood and had a good experience using it today. Helpful attendant. Place is huge. There are 16 of the $2.50/$3.00 machines (I think I figured out that “whites” setting costs $3 for hot water, but not sure exactly). They take coins only (ATM + coin changer on site). There are 7 larger that are $4 and take card or coin. There are a few huge machines that are $6 and take card or coin. 30 dryers are 7 mins/.25 and I was surprised how few quarters I needed compared to a place I’ve been going to.
I would repeat the name of it if it was memorable. CNP or something. I’m sure it means something to the owner but meaningless to the rest of us. Anyway, good experience! Oh yes, clean. Let’s hope it stays that way!

New York, USA

This place is the cleanest I have ever seen. Misty works so hard to make sure the experience here is a great one. This place is my go to for laundry now…Cheers!

Jared Davis
Denver, CO

This laundromat has open recently and is big, clean and bright. Nice place to hang out while doing laundry. They also have drop off services.

Angeles Santoyo
Denver, CO

Thank you CNP Laundry for providing such a wonderful laundry spot that is cost effective, time efficient, and spacious. I am proud to have discovered this recently opened laundry spot nearby Whittier Park, City Park, and RiNO. Did I mention the amazing parking that comes with this place? For 2 hours and 10.00 you can complete all your laundry needs. I’m pretty sure they can host over 30+ people in that laundry spot without congestion 👀👍🏽 Amazing CustomerService.

Adela Ibric
Denver, CO

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Our Washers and Dryers are Green Energy
Certified and use less water.